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pack up and go

explore the cold


explore the cold


Time left

  • 1.
    Pack for an expedition.
  • 2.
    Your travel budget is 10 000. Choose items wisely and be quick.
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hurry up and pack your bag.

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rules & regulations

the perfect


Setting out for the North or South Pole is for many people the fulfillment of a life’s dream. If you happen to have a pair of CL Polaris binoculars with you, you can feel like the great polar explorers. This is because you will suddenly see details, colors, and creatures that you would never have otherwise noticed.

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see the unseen

tips & tricks

1. twist-in eyecups

For spectacle wearers, twist in the eyecups to
the full extent. For non-spectacle wearers, twist
the eyecups away from the binoculars.

2. eye relief

The eye relief distance is correct if the fields of view for both eyes combine to form a circle.


3. image sharpness

If your vision is the same for both eyes or if you wear corrective lenses: simply use the central focusing wheel to set all desired distances.